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Severance Agreements For Employees: Making Sure You Get What You Deserve

Leaving a job can be stressful, especially if it isn’t your decision. If you’ve been accustomed to a certain salary and benefits, you may be facing the financial uncertainty of how to bridge the gap before your next position. A severance agreement is a way to protect yourself after you leave your job. It can provide pay and benefits for a certain amount of time.

At J. Gill Law Group, P.C., attorney Jasmin Gill and her team can help you negotiate a strong severance agreement with your employer. They are highly familiar with all aspects of California employment law. They are strong negotiators and skilled at navigating employment disputes. They can be your voice and advocate, leveling the playing field so you do not end up leaving money or benefits on the table.

Who Is Eligible For A Severance Agreement?

You might be eligible for a severance agreement if:

  • You have an employment contract that says you are entitled to one
  • You were laid off due to company restructuring or downsizing
  • Your employer’s company policies say that you are entitled to one

If you are not sure whether you are eligible, please reach out to attorney Jasmin Gill and her team for guidance.

California Law Regarding Severance Agreements

California law provides protections for employees who are offered severance agreements. You are entitled to a certain amount of time to consider the agreement, and you have the right to consult with an attorney of your choosing.

There are also restrictions with regard to non-disparagement clauses, nondisclosure agreements and waivers of claims. Your employer cannot require you to give up your right to sue them for unlawful conduct – for example, discriminatory actions – except in limited circumstances.

Get A Powerful Negotiator On Your Side

Negotiating a strong severance agreement requires skill, and it requires a thorough understanding of California employment laws. At J. Gill Law Group, P.C., you will find a powerful team of advocates who know how to maximize your leverage and put you in a position to secure favorable terms.

Learn more by reaching out for a free consultation. You can also call 844-572-2503.

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