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Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyer Securing Justice For Victims

Everyone deserves equal access to employment opportunities, regardless of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, medical leave status, disability or any other protected characteristic. State and federal laws make it unlawful for employers to discriminate on the basis of these and other protected grounds.

If you have faced discrimination at work, please reach out to the Los Angeles law firm of J. Gill Law Group, P.C.. Attorney Jasmin Gill and her team will help you weigh your options for pursuing a legal claim. They can help you obtain compensation for the mistreatment you have suffered. They can also protect you from employment retaliation if you choose to stay at your place of employment.

It Is Unlawful To Discriminate In Any Aspect Of Employment

California law takes a very protective stance toward safeguarding employees from discrimination. You may have a legal claim if you have experienced retaliation with regard to any aspect of employment, including:

  • Hiring practices
  • Wages and work hours
  • Working conditions
  • Preferential assignments
  • Employment benefits
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Layoffs and termination

If you are not sure whether you have experienced unlawful employment discrimination, please talk to an employment discrimination lawyer. There is no charge for an initial, no obligation consultation.

Why Pursue A Discrimination Claim

If an employer is discriminating against you, they are likely discriminating against others. Through legal action, you can hold them accountable and prevent others from suffering the same unlawful treatment.

You can also pursue compensation such as:

  • Lost earnings, past and future, relating to the discriminatory treatment
  • Reinstatement or rehiring, in some situations
  • Payment for your emotional distress
  • Additional money to punish employers who intentionally discriminate

Often, it takes brave whistleblowers to bring injustices to light and spur change. The employment discrimination lawyers at J. Gill Law Group, P.C. are passionate about standing up for employees’ rights. They can be your voice and champion.

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There is no charge for an initial consultation to determine whether you have a claim for employment discrimination. Call 844-572-2503 or send an email to reach the firm. The firm represents workers statewide.

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