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Representation For Unpaid Meal Breaks

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to provide meal breaks for employees who have worked a certain number of hours – and California Labor Code 512 goes even further. Yet far too many employers deny their employees these basic entitlements.

At J. Gill Law Group, P.C., lawyer Jasmin Gill and her team fight for every client’s right to fair wages. Since 2018, they have successfully championed their clients’ rights here in Los Angeles and throughout California. They know how to make a difference.

What Is California’s Meal Break Law?

Any employee who works more than five hours is entitled by law to a 30-minute unpaid meal break. The meal break is supposed to be taken within the first five hours of work, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the meal breaks are taken on time.

If an employee works more than 10 hours, they are entitled to a second 30-minute unpaid meal break, although they may waive one of their two breaks so long as the workday doesn’t exceed 12 hours.

During meal breaks, an employee is supposed to be relieved of all work duties and free to leave their workplace. If an employee is placed “on call” or required to eat a “working lunch,” that is a violation of the law.

Violations of California’s meal break law entitle the affected employee to back pay for the missing breaks plus an additional premium of one hour’s wages at their regular rate for every day they missed a meal break.

Let Attorney Jasmin Gill Fight For You

Denied meal breaks can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost wages taken directly from your pocket. Let the team at J. Gill Law Group, P.C., show you how to get what you are rightfully due.

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