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Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyer

Last updated on June 5, 2024

Age-related job discrimination is a big issue, especially in a world that seems to equate youth with energy and innovation.

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What Constitutes Age Discrimination At Work?

It occurs when employers do not treat job applicants or employees 40 years or older fairly. Age discrimination can happen in all stages of employment (hiring, discharge, etc.) and includes actions such as:

  • Ageist remarks
  • Unjust disciplinary actions
  • Workplace bullying or isolation
  • Unwarranted demotions or pay cuts

Age discrimination also occurs when older workers are harassed or victimized at work.

How Do You Prove Workplace Age Discrimination?

You must show you suffered adverse employment actions because of your age. Solid evidence can add weight to your allegations. Documents like emails, memos or even performance reviews demonstrating mistreatment treatment can be powerful forms of evidence.

What Steps Should Occupational Age Discrimination Victims Take?

Those who suspect age discrimination should document all incidents in a log or journal and report each one to a supervisor or the human resources department. Keeping a detailed record can strengthen your existing evidence. Be sure to include times, dates, what happened and the names of potential witnesses.

What Damages Are Available In Age Discrimination Cases?

The potential remedies or damages available to victims vary and may depend on the details of your discriminatory experience. Remedies often include:

  • Hiring, reinstatement or promotion
  • Back pay (past lost earnings)
  • Front pay (future lost earnings)
  • Compensatory Damages for emotional distress
  • Attorney’s fees and costs
  • Out-of-pocket expenses

You could also receive punitive damages if the employer’s actions were willful or egregious.

How Do You File An Age Discrimination Claim?

You may file a formal complaint with the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Both agencies offer various means of initiating a discrimination investigation.

However, since each agency has unique requirements, consider talking to a lawyer to ensure no missteps. Attorney Gill has experience with both agencies and can guide you through either process.

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